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when you’re buying something and the cashier gives you change and people are waiting in line behind you and slowly moving forward and you’re trying to cram your change in your wallet and get out of the way as fast as you can that shit is horrifying and traumatic

“You should embrace anything that you don’t like about yourself because that’s individual and that’s you.”


It makes me sad that this has over 1,300 notes but the girls still haven’t seen it… could anyone help me on twitter or facebook or something to get them to see it? It would mean that absolute world to me and it would mean that my 10 hours of hard work actually paid off. I love you all and I appreciate all the help I can get xox

supposedly my school is having this rocky horror picture show showing and what not and I really wanna dress up.


Hello everyone. These are pictures of a girl from my school named Cara Golias. She recently went missing on Sunday of September 28th and we all are very worried about where she might be. She lives in the northern Virginia area near Washington, D.C. in a county named Fairfax. So if you are from that area please take a moment to read this. She is 16 years old, has hazel eyes, brown hair, and is about 115 pounds. Please share this so we can help her achieve a swift and safe return. Even if you aren’t from this area, sharing this may help notify someone who does, everything counts.